Katrinkles – Stitch Marker Cuff Bracelet – Wooden Charm

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Would you like to keep with you some stitch markers all the time? This cuff bracelet is the perfect companion of a knitter. This cute piece of jewellery will not only make you look great, but also help you in case you urgently need to keep track of a change in your knitting project. Also, this will make the perfect gift for your knitter friend.

This bracelet contains seven stitch markers: Bee, Fox, Hat, Socks, Mitten, Sheep, and aHedgehog

  • Material: Birch with stainless steel ring
  • Approximate Size: One size

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Care Instructions: This is a natural product and if handled with care will last longer.

These products are made with natural materials. Because of this, each stitch marker will vary slightly.

In order to slip your stitch markers on and off, you need to unscrew one ball end of the bracelet. The recommended needle size for these stitch markers is 3.25cm (3 US) Please use only these stitch markers with the bracelet. Other sizes may not fit or damage it.